21 March 2010


Anyone who spends any time at all on Facebook, the social networking website, knows that the hundreds of apps and social games generate genuine friendships between people living all over the globe. Alas, that forum can also bring out the more troubling qualities of human nature -- competitiveness, superficiality, insecurity, narcicism, rudeness, deceipt -- just about all the seven deadly sins plus a few unheard of in the 14th century.

The inane drama can reach proportions both epic and ironic. And irony is the tone which Kate Miller-Heidke wields with the deftness of a stilletto and the subtlety of napalm, in her viral YouTube "Facebook Song". Fair warning for those of tender sensibiilties, her lyrics contain a bit of cursing. But the brilliance of her satire overshadows all other considerations. Click on the song link and enjoy !!

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