29 March 2010


Leave it to me to discover a quality TV series six years after its debut. At least I have a good reason -- no cable or satellite service. The L Word ran on Showtime from 2004 to 2009, and portrayed the intertwining lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their friends. Set in Los Angeles, the storylines and characters form the best kind of drama -- nuanced, multi-dimensional and real. As a straight man, I am thoroughly enjoying the series, available for rental through Netflix. I've always been open to alternative lifestyles, and have gay and lesbian friends all around the country, as well as straight friends. I like the fact that these characters are presented as whole human beings, with individual strengths and flaws, fears and dreams. The series does contain thoroughly erotic (and tastefully presented) love scenes, but as in life, sex is only one thread in the tapestry of their lives. Like the movie Brokeback Mountain, The L Word is much more about love than it is about sex.

Having said that, I also am enjoying the window into lesbian culture -- the issues frankly discussed, the dynamics of attraction between women, the parallels and differences between gay and straight life. Altogether informative, often funny, always fascinating.

Here's a different link to the series -- SPOILER ALERT, it contains synopses of the episodes of all seasons. You might want to see the DVDs first.

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