06 August 2011


Underwater hotel room has guests sleeping with the sharks. ~ See image above, click to enlarge. Now click on the link for the story, and for other images.

E-Trade baby loses everything ~ hilarious in a hideous economy.

Killer plant eats great tit at Somerset Nursery ~ sensationalized, but true. The carnivore is a pitcher plant, and the great tit is a bird. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Bill Maher knows what you are .... a socialist! Maher nails it, and you can't help but giggle.

On this date in 1964, the oldest known non-clonal organism, a bristlecone pine known as Prometheus was wantonly destroyed and sectioned, ostensibly as part of a dendrochronology study. The tree was 4862 years old. The researcher, then-graduate student Donald Rusk Currey, was 29 years old.

Ancestors. Courtesy of Abstruse Goose. Click on the link and enjoy an epic tale of those who went before us.

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