22 August 2011


Humbly offered, here are four provocative pieces to evoke laughter, or wonder ~

Think Different ~ 1:07. An affectionate collage of "crazy ones, misfits, rebels, troublemakers" who have enriched our lives on all planes of experience. To be included in their company would be a transcendent honor.

Bulworth TV Interview ~ 4:55. An exerpt from the 1998 political satire Bulworth, a film which made us laugh with delight, and made us think "damn, that's just about right." Warren Beatty's criticism of our social and political hypocrisy, presented in rap style, is brilliant. Be aware, crude language is present, but that's part of the message in talking about obscene greed and obscene thirst for power.

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale ~ 3:04. The virtuoso vocalist McFerrin elicits delighted audience participation, as they discover their own intuitive musical abilities. This man is a national treasure.

Beethoven, Symphony No. 7, Second Movement, Allegretto ~ 8:19. This music played during the climactic scene in the movie The King's Speech, but long before that it has been one of my favorite passages in classical music. The experience is both aural and visual. As you watch, the musical score scrolls from the right, not unlike a sonogram. It is color-coded to represent the different instruments in the orchestra, and the placement and length of each line corresponds to the notes and rhythms being played. As you associate what you see with what you hear, you'll be able to predict what sounds are coming next as the score approaches the center of the screen. It is an altogether delightful way to experience music.

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