14 August 2011


In a briefer format, here's a followup to yesterday's post ~ Fidelity, Fertility and More, Revealed in Your Lover's Face. The link to this book review is courtesy of Andrea Kuszewski.

Wouldn't it be great if we could read people's true intentions from their facial expessions? It turns out that some of us can, consciously or subconsciously. Author David Perrett's premise is this ~ "people's faces tell us plenty about their real motivations and personalities .... phenotypes show in our faces, and over evolutionary millenia, we have actually become pretty adept at reading others' countenances. While some people are natural face readers and others are less good at it (it turns out that the cynical and less optimistic people are actually better face readers), we all have some ability to correctly identify basic characteristics from faces."

The reviewer found, after taking a few of the tests in the book, that her results matched those of the author's. Sounds intriguing, especially to someone who (delusionally?) fancies himself to be fairly skilled at reading people's faces and body language. I can't wait to get hold of a copy ~ I'll report back when I do.

Do You See What I See? I recall wondering as a wee sma' lad whether people see colors the same way. This video suggest that the way we perceive color and the way we process language are connected. Thanks to Zuleika B. Yanez for the link.

Lastly, Jennifer Ouellette shared this link to Geekiest Pin Numbers ~ while 1701 caught my imagination, I think the list is way too short. I mean, where's 9 (the original number of men, elves, dwarves, and hobbits on the quest to destroy the One Ring)? Okay, too short and easily guessed. What about pi? Hmm, with an infinite number of digits, too long. Alright fine, YOU come up with some ideas -- leave them at the "comments" prompt below.

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