28 December 2012

1500 POSTS

This is the 1500th entry I've made at Predator Haven.  I'm a bit astonished.

I initiated this forum on 13 February 2008.  It wasn't until I retired several years ago that I began posting daily.  Topics cover a broad spectrum, including the arts, branches of science, aviation, politics, the environment, and whimsy.  Visitors from 211 nations and territories have graced my writing with their interest.

I didn't register with Site Meter until 28 March 2009 ~ three years and nine months ago.  During that interval 280,254 people have visited.  Small potatoes by the standards of other, more well-known blogs, but decidedly pleasing.  An audience of over one quarter million is remarkable.

Trivia ~ on this date in 1612 (400 years ago), Galileo became the first person to observe the planet Neptune.  On this date in 1912 (100 years ago), the San Francisco Municipal Railway, operator of the city's famed cable car system, opened its first line.

With that, I'm taking the day off to celebrate, and to consider the future.  I welcome your comments ~ aspects of the blog that you like, as well as things you wish were different.  Cheers, and thank you.

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