07 December 2012


Part 1

Entry June 24

Last night we entered our bed through opposite doors.
Hours we lay awake, entrenched .... before the trapdoor gave
and we were hurtling down in jerky sleep.
When we suddenly awoke, our bodies were together in the warm bed lap ~

and I was taking deep swollen kisses out of your brimming mouth.
Your lips cushioned the inherent murder of your teeth.
My body grew to fit your body ~
and the opened blossoms of you were flaming, full .... and making honey.

There in the jungle twilight, stark naked god slipped in between us
and the lightning struck ~
and in the light I saw you, you were lovelier by many years than yesterday.

Today .... your mind moved back into your face, willing away
your last night's beauty.
And the hard mask of resolution lies dull upon you like bad makeup.

~ from This Is My Beloved, by Walter Benton

Part 2

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