08 December 2012


After digging my vehicle out from the snowy deposit of last night's storm, I'm ready for a break.  So here, for your entertainment and elucidation, are several visual treat.

  • Swarming Lights and Tadpole Trains Bring Public Transit to Life ~  time-lapse images of public transit in New York City, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Aukland, Perth, Manchester, Columbus, and more.
  • The Earth Spins in the Black of Space ~ animation from the Earth-observing satellite Suomi NPP.  It is impressive to see how much of our land surface is illuminated by cities and highways, indicating population concentrations ~ not to mention how clearly those lights delineate wealthier nations (by their density) and less wealthy nations (by their absence).  Click on the sample image above to enlarge.
  • The History of English in Ten Minutes ~ a romp through the origins of our language.
  • Math Factorization Animated ~ this video morphs rapidly.  You can just sit back and enjoy the show, or you can use the 'pause', 'play', and 'reverse' icons at the lower right corner of the screen to parse out what is being demonstrated mathematically.  Thanks to friend Bill for the link.
  • Discovering the Secrets of Lions ~ Lara Logan of CBS 60 Minutes interviews Dereck and Beverly Joubert, filmmakers who've spent 30 years documenting Africa's big cats.  They are based at a tent in western Botswana, but spend most of their time in vehicles, tracking and filming the region's lion population.  No firearms, no bodyguards.  Their award-winning work has been featured on National Geographic. (Click on 'Watch the Segment' to, well, watch the segment.  It's frankly awesome.)
  • Farewell, Little Space Spider ~ Nefertiti, a Johnson jumping spider, became the first spidernaut as part of an experiment aboard the orbiting International Space Station.  She flew more than 42 million miles during her lifetime.
  • FlightRadar24 ~ a real-time tracker of commercial airline flights.  
  • Hawaii Pubic Radio ~ live streaming classical music.
Now, dare I venture out onto icy streets and sidewalks for some Mexican food?

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