02 December 2012


When you first open the search engine Google, above the search space you will see one of two things ~ either Google's multicolored logo, or (if the day marks a special occasion) a Google doodle, which is static or animated artwork celebrating the event.  For instance, on September 8 of this year, the featured doodle marked the 46th anniversary of the first broadcast of the iconic TV series Star Trek.  A static image of the doodle appears above (click to enlarge).  The doodle visible on that day, however, was animated and interactive, as seen here.  Moving your cursor over the scene highlights certain objects or characters.  Clicking on those items produces a visual or sound effect, or launches you into another scene.  Doodles for other dates may produce elaborate videos.

At this website is a catalog of all the doodles Google has published since the first one in 1998.  You can search all doodles, or break them down by year or by the nation in which they appeared.  I like the comprehensive "all" search, since it allows me to see doodles from other countries, like the October 9th doodle (below), marking Uganda's Independence Day.  Enjoy.

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