18 January 2009


this is the third (or fourth?) day of freezing fog in missoula. it creates beautiful frost patterns on the ground, on shrubs, but it makes taking my daily walk painful -- breathing in supercold, superhumid air has done something to my lungs and throat. but i hate missing out on the exercise.

plus, i've been keeping my driving to a minimum and my apartment thermostat set low, during this time between jobs. living close to the bone, watching every dime, since it's unclear how long it may take to find work in our wonderful GWB economy, especially here in missoula. add to that the truism that most employers are reluctant to hire older applicants, even though it is illegal to discriminate based on age. i have to be prepared for a long dry spell.

thankfully, this experience isn't new to me. i've developed inner resources for coping when discouragement, loneliness, or hopelessness raise their ugly heads. it is important to take one day at a time, and keep forging forward.

still, i'll be glad when this particular passage is at an end, and the next path reveals itself.

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