30 January 2009


....does that make the Lincoln Highway the father road? there's an excellent PBS special on the Lincoln, which runs (ran) from NYC to San Francisco. like Route 66, it started out as a cobbling-together of existing state and local roads, with periodic shifts in portions of the route. and like 66, the Lincoln fell into relative disuse as the interstate highway system became reality. yet they both remain alive, with enthusiastic supporters and aficianados. sounds like fun on a touring motorcycle! (note: click on map to enlarge the image)

carrying the analogy a bit farther, would the Alaska Highway (the ALCAN) then be the offspring road? it was a big deal during construction, the first road to connect alaska to canada and the u.s. initially it was gravel all the way, and hell on vehicles and passengers alike. now it is paved, and presents another enticing prospect for a leisurely trip through paradise.

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