07 January 2009


for all you military veterans out there, or non-vets with an interest in the Vietnam war, my old buddy Wags in Houston sent me a link to a website that is an encyclopedic collection of hundreds of other sites, from maps to individual units to specific operations to the antiwar movement. even if (perhaps especially if) you don't give much thought to wars in general, or Vietnam in particular, i suspect you'll find much of human interest here .

january finds me ten months through the 40th anniversary year of my time in Vietnam. i have three albums full of photos taken with my trusty cigarette-pack-sized Minolta 16mm spy camera, which i carried with me everywhere. alas, how i wish i'd kept a daily journal, documenting chronology and the map of my travels in country. my memory has proven to be less than reliable. fuzzy, you might say. individual events are clear as crystal, but their order is less so. those photos help.

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