12 January 2009


i am emphatically not a rabid sports fan, though i do enjoy championship play in hoops, football, and (god help me) golf. having lived five years in suburban philadelphia, i confess to a careful affection for the eagles. careful, because from high school through universities to the pros, my home teams have tended to fall short in the clutch. with a few glorious exceptions, like the university of arizona wildcat basketball teams of the 90s. aaaand, the eagles of the 90s as well, back in the day of quarterback randall cunningham and the late reggie white.

philly has always enjoyed a love-hate relationship with its pro teams, most of all with the eagles. philly fans will boo their own team if they aren't performing, and scream with delight if they are. a somewhat neurotic fan base, putting it charitably.

this year, the eagles are looking good for a berth, and quite possibly a win, at the super bowl. there may be some screaming in philadelphia this year.

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