04 May 2009


i noticed on the 27 april post at schott's vocabulary a reference to "climigration", i.e. migration forced by climate change. this forced relocation could be occasioned by a rise in sea level in coastal or riparian regions, by draught in the desert, by the loss of permafrost in the sub-arctic, by any number of environmental shifts which are breathing down our necks.

it got me thinking about where i might move if i had to, or chose to. there are lots of places i've lived and visited, and many to which i would love to return. tucson, arizona. santa fe, new mexico. portland, oregon. charleston, south carolina. monterey, california. anchorage, alaska. to name a few. each has its inherent attractions, and each has its disadvantages.

this doesn't even address the places i've never been, and want to. dublin, ireland. barcelona, spain. the french riviera. the greek isles. jamaica, mon. new zealand. a hundred places in africa, southeast asia, europe, central america, the pacific islands.

well, to avoid flooding, one would have to be living at an elevation safe from rising river or sea levels. to avoid drought, one would choose a place with a balance between rainfall and sun. and then we throw in my life-long quest for the perfect balance between access to culture, and access to nature. still looking for that one.

i am open to -- and encourage -- suggestions......

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