02 May 2009


as a long time pilot wannabe, i pay attention not only to the creation and evolution of standard fixed-wing (airplanes) and rotary-wing (helicopters) general aviation aircraft.....but also to the flashy, non-ordinary designs that pop up. here are a few of my favorites. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE LINK FOR EACH MODEL, AND ENJOY THE VIDEOS.

(below) four wheels -- the Terrafugia Transition roadable plane, a flying car which transforms into a fixed-wing aircraft.

(below) three wheels -- the PH-PALV flying car, which transforms into a gyroplane.

(below) two wheels -- the Samson Switchblade, a motorcycle which transforms into a fixed-wing aircraft.

(below) three wheels, does not transform. the Sportcopter 2 gyroplane. gyroplanes, of course, have been around a long time, but this design is especially nimble and slick-looking.

my favorite? so hard to tell, i want them all. but if i had to choose, it would probably be the second entry, for its looks and versatility. but hey, i wouldn't turn any of them down....

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