09 May 2009


i just finished watching a WWII movie like none i've ever seen. based on the book by james mcbride, "Miracle At St. Anna" tells the story of four black american soldiers (from the all-black 92nd infantry division, a unit descended from the buffalo soldiers of the 1800s) caught behind german lines in italy. they seek refuge in an italian village which supports anti-fascist partisans.

on one level, the movie captures what it was like to be a black man in the then-segregated army of WWII. it is a valuable window, alongside movies such as "The Tuskegee Airmen" and "A Soldier's Story". but beyond race, beyond war, the film reveals complex layers dealing with cruelty, heroism, passion, betrayal and love.

under the sure hand of one of my all-time favorite directors, spike lee, this movie siezed both my imagination and my heart. at the end, i cried and cried....

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