08 May 2009


i just returned from seeing the 2009 version of the venerable tv series and movie franchise -- and if i had ten thumbs, they would all be pointed up. the new film is the most engaging of the lot. the screenplay is quick and grounded in real science. the cast play their roles not just as copycats of the original characters, but with their own distinctive imprint. it is a revelation to see characters we knew to be adults, introduced as much younger characters. like meeting the youth who was you. the plot is original and compelling, aided by top-notch special effects and fearless directing. my recommendation -- do not miss this movie on the big screen. the spectacle is well worth the price of admission, with plot twists and revelations which cannot be antipated, alongside clever references to the signature dialogue and relationships in earlier presentations. hopefully this film, far from being the 11th in a tiring series, will be the flagship of an entirely new generation of adventures...here's to the USS Enterprise and her crew...long may they sail.

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