13 December 2011


I consider myself to be reasonably well acquainted with anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) in humans and other organisms. Even so, I came across a few surprises in Nine Stubborn Brain Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked By Science. Each one comes with the background for the myth, and the reasons why the myth just is not true. Check out the article for a fuller picture. Here are the myths, to whet your appetite ~

~ Left-brained people are organized, right-brained people are creative.

~ Your memory is an exact account of what you see and experience.

~ You only use 10% of your brain.

~ Alcohol kills brain cells. (It's effect is actually more insidious.)

~ The Internet is making us dumber.

~ Listening to classical music turns babies into geniuses.

~ Brain games make you smarter.

~ Your IQ is fixed and stays the same throughout your life.

~ Your brain works better under pressure.

Now get out there and use both sides of your entire brain, stop drinking, improve your IQ, and see about lowering the stress in your life. A relaxing hour of classical music is a good start !!

Here's another misconception with a surprising explanation ~ well, surprising to me, anyway. Have you ever wondered why mirrors appear to reverse left-right, but not up-down? As Matthew Francis explains, mirrors actually do neither. They reverse what you see front to back. What?? Sounds insane, but the explanation makes sense when you read it carefully and with an open mind. Which I cordially invite you to do. Mirror, mirror, on the wall ....

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