03 December 2011


Thanks to Andrea Kuszewski for turning me on to MirrorCube ~ a very different sort of tree dwelling. Currently offered as a tree hotel and as custom homes, the concept lends itself to all sorts of tree house designs. As you can see in the image above, the signature feature is that all exterior walls are lightweight aluminum covered with mirrored glass. The result is a striking coalescence between optical illusion and blending into the surrounding environment. The interiors are wood paneled and customized to the owner's wishes. Complete privacy, and complete visual access looking out. Very cool.

As both a student as as a teacher, I've encountered the full gamut of strange, sometimes awkward, and often hilarious student writing. Or so I thought, until I came across two collections of student writing which had me rolling ~ S*** My Students Write, and The 56 Best/Worse Similes. Caveat ~ if you have pets, they may look at you strangely as you burst into laughter.

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