31 December 2011


From Sexbots for Women ~ "What do females want in a cyborg lover?  Androids that provide erotic pleasure for humans, a.k.a. 'Sexbots', are destined to end up in our beds in the future .... Typically, such sexbots are regarded as machines designed for men.  But don't women also desire cyborg stimulation?  When will their plastic paramours arrive?  What will they look for in a mechanized lover?  How will female lust for robotic romance impact relationships and society?"

What follows is a lively, provocative interview between Ethical Technology's Hank Pellissier and two women with an avid interest in alternative sex ~ IEET Program Director Kristi Scott, and transhumanist author Dominique Mainon.  Their conversation is wide-ranging and provocative, and not to be missed.

No less provocative is the opening of a new science fiction-themed bordello northwest of Las Vegas.  Alien Cathouse will feature sex workers imaged after Star Wars, Star Trek, and other famous sci-fi and fantasy characters.  I have never been intimate with a hooker, and don't intend to.  Still, the thought of a close encounter with one of the women from Firefly/Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, or X-Men is, well, titillating.  Add ten-foot-tall Neytin from Avatar, and the possibilities grow exponentially.

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