10 December 2011


Today's post is brief, tomorrow's will be better ~ unless you think that brief is better, I suppose.

First, scan through these rather stunning photos of Water Towers From Around The World. Design variations range from the near-primitive through gothic and baroque to futuristic. Very cool.

Second, here's a collection of 25 Vintage Ads Depicting Blatant Sexism in the context of love and marriage. The ads date mostly from the 1950's and 60's, with a few that are more current. The easiest way to view them is with the left/right direction arrows flanking the second illustration. The accompanying commentary says it all. Given the tenor of those times, it is a small miracle that women have made the gains they have ~ which is no reason to give up the struggle for true and complete equality, in pay, in promotion, in the full range of jobs available to both genders.

Finally, out of sheer perversity, don't miss this mathematical/philosophical discussion explaining Why the 3D Universe Leads to Murphy's Law. It's easy to follow, and the metaphorical bug's path (see above) is a perfect illustration to the inevitability of complication ~ especially in systems which include living beings.

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