14 December 2011


My thanks to Facebook and G+ friend Andrea Kuszewski for the link to a column by Michael Machalko, titled Twelve Things You Were Never Taught In School About Creative Thinking. Below are the items on the list ~ you can click on the link to learn more about each item.

~ You are creative.

~ Creative thinking is work.

~ You must go through the motions of being creative.

~ Your brain is not a computer.

~ There is no one right answer.

~ Never stop with your first good idea.

~ Expect the experts to be negative.

~ Trust your instincts.

~ There is no such thing as failure.

~ You do not see things as they are. You see them as you are.

~ Always approach a problem on its own terms.

~ Learn to think unconventionally.

~ Creativity is paradoxical.

The tone and information attached to each item are both informative and encouraging. Let the ideas flow through you, play with them, and have fun !

In the spirit of lists, here's a very different one ~ 15 Crazy Things About Vaginas, written by OB/GYN physician and author Lissa Rankin. Her facts are not so much crazy as stunning (and far from common knowledge) ~ the human body never ceases to amaze me. What field could possibly be more fascinating than biology, the study of life?

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