22 April 2011


DONALD & SARAH. Here's a prospect guaranteed to (a) chill the heart of anyone who takes the polticial process seriously, or (b) cause liberals and late night comedians to rub their hands together in anticipatory glee .... depending on your disposition. Lately we've been hearing rumblings (not unlike GI distress) of Donald Trump contemplating running for president. Among his musings have been the worn-out and thoroughly debunked aspersions on Barack Obama's birth credentials and citizenship (the so-called "birther" issue). And who should emerge from the woodwork like a cockroach drawn to offal, in support of The Donald? Everyone's favorite village nitwit, Sarah Palin. Can you imagine a Trump/Palin ticket in 2012? ABC News apparently can. Check out the news segment, and ask yourself -- could we possibly make even bigger fools of ourselves in the world's eyes (and place the U.S. even more on a retrograde path into the Dark Ages) than we already did when the Tea Party derailed the Republican Party? Lewis Carroll would have been proud.

VIDEOS. Here are two very dramatic, very different visual events. The first is called Police Brutality - Handled the Way It Should Be -- with thanks to Facebook friend Clarity. The second shows a speed solo attempt on the Eiger in the Swiss Alps -- with thanks to Facebook friend Andrea. The camera work is stunning.

Oh yes -- happy Earth Day !!

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