29 April 2011


(Each paragraph header is a link, on which the subsequent comments are based.)

TRUMP DOGGED BY RUMORS HIS HAIR IS NOT FROM U.S. -- So-called "balders" movement gathers steam. Does anyone seriously believe that the thing on his head is natural hair? Just looking at it frightens me.

REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN SAYS PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS "NEUTERING" MEN. Really? Given that the planet is home to ten times more people than it can support in a sustained fashion, perhaps this would be a good thing. If it were true. Another wondrous parnoid pronouncement from someone who was endorsed by Sarah Palin. Perhaps it's time to consider her endorsements as a sort of reverse litmus test?

"GET HER OUT OF HERE!" A 5 minute video in which Lawrence O'Donnell gives birther Orly Taitz every opportunity to apologize, after President Obama released his full birth certificate to quell the non-issue that he might not be an American citizen. Taitz, who is ironically a native of the Soviet republic of Moldova, stubbornly stonewalls and obfuscates until O'Donnell loses all patience with her mendacity, and boots her from the show. About damn time. NOTE: for a satiric look at the birthers' persistence of myopia, check out a sample of their annotated copy of Obama's birth certificate below (click to enlarge).

FATBOY SLIM - WEAPON OF CHOICE. Who knew that actor Christopher Walken was an accomplished dancer? I first saw this video about 15 years ago, and it still charms and delights.

YOSUKE GODA. A series of photos (and a time-lapse video) showing the process of turning an entire room into a work of art. One shot appears below. Simply astonishing.

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