24 April 2011


PC vs. MAC. Most of us who use computers are aware that they come in two essential flavors. PC stands for personal computer, and refers to "any general use computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals who are the end user, with no intervening computer operator. A personal computer may be a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet PC, or a handheld PC. Since the 1980s, Microsoft and Intel have dominated much of the personal computer market." In this sense, PC is understood to be synonymous with Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

MAC (short for Macintosh) refers to an alternative operating system found in Apple personal computers. MACs are regarded as being more innovative than PCs in some circles, though the market share for PCs (89.2 %) continues to outpace the market share for MACs (10.8 %).

Allegedly, users of either system tend to self-identify within the criteria of core demographics, personality, taste/esthetics, food and drink, technology, and media. Consider your own personality and values, and then see whether you fit with the comparison chart created by the Hunch website. Personally, I'm a little suspicious of generalities. Perhaps I'm merely an outlier, not fitting conveniently into either pigeonhole. Would that make me a MAC personality who has gone rogue and uses a PC anyway? Only my cats know for sure.

TRUMP. I noted recently the unsettling prospect of mega-billionaire Donald Trump running for the presidency in 2012. Mr. "you're fired!" has been making the rounds of network interview shows, and the view which emerge are frightening. Can you spell "colonialism", or "hegemony", or "egomaniac"? To learn more, check out Dan Balz' column in the Washington Post. Trump combines the worst of conservative jingoism with Tea Party radical ignorance. I suppose one should be grateful for Republican consistency -- Dan Quail, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and now The Donald. Retards all.

STRING THEORY. Troubled by your poor understanding in the sciences -- particularly in physics, and most particularly in the subatomic obscurities of string theory? Rest your weary mind, Sparky, take a deep relaxing breath, and partake of the PBS NOVA series "The Elegant Universe". In its usual masterful and accessible manner, NOVA lays out the essentials over three one-hour parts. At the link, you can access each part, as well as related NOVA presentations. PBS is the best thing to happen to coherent news analysis, the arts, history, and the popularization of science since .... well, since ever. The organization deserves our generous support, especially during this passage when conservatives at all levels of government are trying to gut funding for the arts, the sciences, education, and the environment. I'm just sayin'.

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