23 April 2011


It's Saturday, or it's Spring, or something .... for whatever reason, it's time to de-serious our commentary with a little whimsy, and possibly food for thought. First (see image below, click to enlarge), parents with the love and imagination to convert their son's bedroom with a nautical theme and a pirate-ship loft. I'm completely charmed by this. Avast, mates, prepare to repel parents, uh, I mean boarders ! Thank you, Andrea.

Next, one of those "awww" videos, this one showing a dog and a deer who are the best of friends. I'm a cat person, and I still found it charming. Thank you, Irene.

Finally, from writer "porygon 2" at the blog The Angry Black Woman, notice that we have clear textual and archaeological evidence that within Christian/Muslim/Jewish dogma, God had a wife. Back in the day when believers called their deity Yahweh, they also called his significant other Asherah. I recently watched a PBS NOVA episode titled "The Bible's Buried Secrets" which echoes this assertion. Whether or not you are a deist, the concept is intriguing.

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